Photographer | Model | Musician | Costume-Maker

By capturing these moments in time with my camera I am able to give my clients everlasting memories to look back on and show off to friends. Being able to harness my creativity and share it with others means I take great pride in my work and am never going to stop learning. The services listed on this site bring me such joy and I am privileged to  be able to do them for a living.

Dan Shaver

Self-portrait 2017

From the time I was four I have been playing the violin. As the years pass, I continue to explore instruments and study music theory. I am currently available for teaching violin and voice lessons. My students leave lessons feeling inspired to practice and knowing more about not only playing their music, but the theory behind all of it. I make sure to challenge my students to keep them driven while advancing in their studies and have yet to have one not get into the orchestra or art school of their choice. I am passionate about music and being able to help others pursue their goals. 

Kassi Williams



Aliya Smith 2015

Welcome to my site!​


"I put together a last min photo shoot while I was in GA with Eryn.
She was a pleasure to work with. She showed up on time and brought all items we needed. Even though it was late and we were both tired we had a blast, capturing some great images. Thank you"

"Eryn is not only an incredibly talented Renaissance woman but also a dear friend. Having worked with her on various shoots has been an absolute delight. Her ability to balance out clear direction with creative warmth is very much appreciated from a model's position. She is prompt, professional, and always looking out for the best image possible!"

"Whether you're doing a fantasy shoot, showing off some new looks, or simply wanting to capture a moment, Eryn is always a pleasure to work with. As a personal friend, I've had the fortune of working with her many times, and she always manages to bring out beauty in all that she shoots (especially since she's great at remembering what angles and features you feel most comfortable with- it's saved me countless amounts of pride)! She's fun, laid back- without lacking professionalism, of course, and has a way with giving direction that always results in the perfect shot!"

When working with someone for the first time, it is normal to feel some level of anxiety. One of the first things I do when working with a new model is to sit down and talk about what is expected from the images and get to a level of amicable comfort; I have yet to have a shoot I walked away from without having fun.  

I pride myself in getting very unique images, whether from head shots or family pictures. I make sure to get a few standard shots, but capturing the ethereal is a passion of mine and I love to bring it out in anyone with whom I work.

Jack Roman

Michelle Maxwell

​"Eryn is eminently charming, a pleasure to work with. Though I was initially worried about being photographed, Eryn took obvious pleasure in doing so. Her love of her craft helped relax me, which definitely showed through in the pictures. I would happily work with her again."

Through years of devotion to the arts I have learned a great deal and one of the truest sources of happiness in my life is sharing this with others. Being able to teach children, allowing them to grow and express their thoughts in unique, healthy, beautiful ways is such a joy and having the chance to help them develop gives me purpose. 

Story of my Eyes Photography 2015

  • Musical performance (singing and instrumental, both solo and group work)
  • Art shows (photography, oils on canvas, watercolours, acrylic)
  • Dance with the Atlanta Ballet, Moving in the Spirit, The Neighbourhood Stage, and other smaller productions.
  • Modelling
  • Photography
  • Teaching music lessons (voice, violin, guitar, bass, and flute)
  • Princess parties
  • Sole photographer for Caviar Atlanta
  • Work at the CDC in Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities
  • Creation and selling of costume pieces through The Faerie Triad
  • Work as a tutor in these subjects: Maths, Latin, German, English, World History
  • Teaching dance through The Neighbourhood Stage


Thank you for visiting my page.

From the time  I could walk I have been immersed in the world of art. With each year I make it my mission to learn more about not only performing and creating it, but the theory behind all of it. Knowing every facet of what gives it power allows me to fill each work, whether musical or visual, with rich intention. This is my passion and something I take great pride in; I would love to share it with you. 

Feel free to check out the variety of pages to see the services I offer. If you have an idea that is not mentioned on this site, feel free to send a message and see if I am interested!